Diana Sproveri


Entrepreneur, chef and dessert innovator, Diana Sproveri has been setting sweet trends in Los Angeles for over a decade. A dessert table pioneer and cake pop originator, Diana reinvents the ordinary while making a commitment to the freshest and most delicious ingredients.

Born in Buffalo, N.Y. and the granddaughter of an award-winning baker, she began her business in Los Angeles where her unique style of baked goods and chocolates made a special impression. Within the first year, Sunset Magazine had gotten word of Diana's creations and featured her in the magazine. It wasn't long before she was asked to make her dessert tables for The Grammys, Oscars and The Golden Globes.

Her big break came was when she was asked to create a dessert table for a well-known actor and decided to create something new and inventive for the table. It was then that Lollibakes® were born. Daily Candy picked up the story of the invention, and soon People Magazine, Martha Stewart WeddingsFood Network Magazine and eventually Food and Wine Magazine featured the new treat. At the forefront of baked goods innovation and entertaining, Diana became a regular contributor to Everyday with Rachael Ray.

Today, Diana Sproveri continues to create dessert events and gifts for Hollywood Studios and the Los Angeles community.  Her simple and beautiful menu still uses recipes from her childhood and inspiration from her travels, creating a truly unique and delicious experience.